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Structure Changes Handled

Add a new partner, new business name or business type

Time for a change? We got you covered.

Structure Changes

Add or Change Members

Address/Name Change

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Need to make a change to your structure? Have a sole proprietorship and want to make it an LLC or corp? Perhaps you have taken on a new partner? Need a Doing Business As name? 

Changes made to your business could affect your taxes, license, and how you run your company  - we are here to help you file the right forms and ensure you covered everything.

Even an address change needs to be filed with your state, the IRS, your bank accounts, your invoices and more! 

Let us know what you need to change or update and we'll help get what you need up to date. 


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S-Corp Election


- File form to change your LLC or corp to file a scorp status

Business Changes


- Update your business name, add a DBA, add members, update address

*Includes State Processing fees $30

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