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Complete Company Launch

How can we help you launch and grow your firm?

Set up to Growth - we can guide you and share resources

Setting up your firm: Licensing isn't the only step. Setting up bank accounts, creating a logo, managing a website, having a way to invoice clients or collect payments, getting payroll set up, etc. There is a lot to get done. Get help with a step by step business plan specific to your firm with actionable items you can manage.


Workflow: You may have your company set up and licensed and perhaps those clients are rolling in and you have found some staff to help manage the workload but its a struggle to keep your clients & staff organized. We understand and can create solutions that can help and find the right technology and software to use for your business. 

From tracking leads, scheduling jobs, tracking employees time, creating bids, paying bills, managing invoices & receiving payments, the list goes on. There is a lot to track in your workflow and ensure you have accurate records. 

Accounting & Payroll: You have the clients and income coming in but are you managing your bookkeeping to be able to report to the state your income accurately? Do you know your business expenses and if you are making money? Knowledgeable in Quickbooks and having ran an accounting firm, we have the experience to help teach you how to manage your books or outsource to a reputable firm.

Marketing: Struggling to obtain clients or get a brand started? Without sales your business will never take off or will fail quickly. This is the life of your business. Get help with getting a logo, a website set up, social media tactics, and paid advertising ideas. We can also identify your target market to understand where your audience is and how to gain their attention.

Reach out to us with your business needs and we will advise you on the next steps!

Company Launch Planning $695

- Marketing plan based on target market with budget provided from client 

- Workflow software recommendations, workflow base plan creation

- Basic Business Plan 

- Accounting and payroll software set up guidelines and chart of accounts for industry

- Basic templates for warranty and contract


*Any custom industry research will be at $30 per hour 



Complete Company Launch $995-$2995*

- Plan from above

- Setting up marketing ideas provided

- Set up workflow with chosen software

- Accounting and payroll software set up

- Training on all above for owner to manage or understand for outsource

*Price depends on scale of company and products chosen for implementation

DIY Courses 

Coming Soon

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